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Remember when he first pulled it out. You stared in awe and he noticed. So he asked you to grab it. Hands shaking you grasped his hard thick cock. You sat there staring for a few minutes. At that moment you realized you love cock and will forever.

I know I do. It was bigger than my face!
I was useless at deepthroating so I basically sucked and jerked it in one motion until he was almost done, then I just jerked it really hard and when he came, the first cum hit my chest, but I was so horny that I wanted his cum in my mouth so I kept stroking it and put my lips around the head, letting it fill my mouth. It was really hot, and I can’t wait to try it again. I know, I’m a horny slut ;)



Yes please take that key and do all that things to me. I need a real cruel mistress. And please promise me that you don’t stop when i beg.

Give me that key bitchboii, I’ll make Sure that you will regret it. I hope you like cock, because you’ll be getting a lot of it really soon… Oh and Remember that buttplug I bought last week? That wasn’t actually for me… Now give me that key slave, let’s start your favourite worst nightmare! ;)


(Source: charliechastity)

We both know you love this bitchboii, you don’t need to pretend!
Very soon, your little asshole will be filled by a really big hard cock.. The game where you pretend to not love it up your sissyhole is over. I know you’re a little bi bitchboii, and I know exactly how to take control over this relationship. Starting with chastity! ;)


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